Myle Vapor Leaving US Market

Myle Vape Leaving US Market

We are sad to announce
that Myle Vapor Inc. has decided to discontinue the distribution of their
products in the US. As outlined in an email to their customers and retailers,
“Myle Vape Inc will not sell or market its products within the United States
after November 15, 2018, until further notice. Myle Vape Inc will continue to
market its products internationally in those jurisdictions in which it is
legally allowed to do so.”

It is always unfortunate when an established brand
is forced to close their doors due to the current regulatory climate in the
United States. Their flagship product was an Italian designed nicotine delivery
system with a closed pod setup that held 0.9ml of vape juice and was optimized
for nic salts.

Myle Vapor Inc. will continue to
market their products outside of the United States in those jurisdictions which
have a more favorable climate for e-cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery
systems. Their mission statement does not read like a company interested in the
business of minors, “MYLÉ (my-lee) is a nicotine delivery system
which mimics a similar satisfaction achieved when smoking a cigarette. Vape

New FDA Regulations Announced

This responsible approach
provided them with no protection from the new FDA regulations on
e-cigarettes. Myle made it clear that they will they will continue to work to
reduce the availability of their products to minors in US, despite being
compelled to abandon the market.

These steps include reaching out to distributors to
help develop internal control procedures to keep their products out of the
hands of minors, working with the FDA to obtain market authorization for their
pod system and providing guidance to help resellers work with the FDA to reduce
vaping among children. We hope this responsible approach will open the door to
their eventual return.

Youth Vaping versus Overregulation

Although other pod
systems are still available, the closure of Myle is a cautionary tale. The
e-cigarette market is viewed as booming but the growing burden of regulations
is already being felt by companies of all sizes. We cannot take our freedom to
vape for granted or assume that new barriers that prevent adults from obtaining
the cigarette alternatives will not have an impact on the industry.

Self-regulation is the key. Companies must show due
diligence and do whatever they can to keep their products out of the hands of
minors. We take this very seriously and will continue to encourage
responsibility with stringen
t age verification policies.